Comics Night In Canada / La soirée de la BD

Montreal, April 22, 2021 – May 6th, join us for the inaugural Comics Night In Canada / La soirée de la BD! Two artists enter, one artist leaves….just kidding! Both artists leave and have a grand ol’ time. 

Comics Night In Canada is the first ever cross-country comic arts activity! Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal & Québec unite for an epic battle across four total events featuring eight creators in two battles each night! Every week, different cities will face off, until the big finale on May 27th. You, the viewer, will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite artist/city to help get that city crowned the comics champion for 2021!
The events will be live-streamed on YouTube & Facebook with each week hosted by a different Home Team!

Save The Dates

  • May 6th: 4 pm Pacific | 7 pm Eastern
  • May 13th: 4 pm Pacific | 7 pm Eastern
  • May 20th: 4 pm Pacific | 7 pm Eastern
  • May 27th: 4 pm Pacific | 7 pm Eastern

In partnership with


For the second year, you are invited to a month of digital comics events spotlighting top creators from Canada and around the world.

Comics festival across Canada are thrilled to announce a month-long digital initiative called #CANCAF. Each participating festival or event is programming a variety of comics related events, from workshops to interviews, live drawing to panel discussions, podcasts to videocasts, and you can check out the #cancaf and #fbdcan tags across social media to see the great material being created.

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