[EN] VanCAF – Presentation: Mind Your Social Media Presence: The Algorithms Are Watching You!

Social media channels are now indispensable tools in every artist’s arsenal. We connect with our audiences, exchange ideas with other artists, keep up to date about our industry, get business proposals, sell our art and comics and have fun at the same time. It’s a magnetic vortex of constant activity, easy to get lost in. To learn about social media best practices applicable to cartoonists, hear about free tools and knowledge databases, hacks and inevitable pitfalls, join the session with the acclaimed Canadian cartoonist Doug Savage of Savage Chickens and Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy; and Ivana Filipovich, a communication insights and analytics professional at a Canadian university, and a comics author of literary renown in the Balkans. 

The presentation will focus primarily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but it will touch on other social media channels as well. Participants will receive a PDF with a list of tips and tricks after the session!


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